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How to Smudge by Ancient Earth

Smudge Fans are used in meditation, ceremonies, prayer circles among many others.  
(This technique is called "Smudging")
Their main purpose is for cleansing a space, room, home or land of energies that have become stagnant and blocked.  These energies disrupt and prevent the natural flow of positive energies that help us move forward on   our paths to reach our goals that we have set for this life.  
Smudge Fans have been used for this purpose for thousands of years by many different cultures around the world. Sage is the most popular herb used for cleansing.  Find a container you can hold that will not get hot as the sage smolders.  (if you are smudging an area other than yourself) 

Smudging is done by lighting the sage on fire. Let it burn for a short bit then gently blow out the fire.  Now, your sage is producing the cleansing smoke. Walk slowly around the area holding the smoking sage out in front of you in one hand and with the Smudge Fan in the other, fan the smoke out into the area you want to cleanse. Pay special attention to clutter, corners, windows and doors.

OK, so now you understand the art of Smudging and the positive effects it can produce in your life.  Please click on the
SMUDGE FAN STORE TAB above and take a moment out of your day to stop and pick out the Smudge Fan that is calling to you...and start removing that which is no longer beneficial to you or your goals.
                       All Smudge Fans are cleansed with sage prior to shipping 

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