Ancient Earth
Smudge Fans & Flower Essences & Gem Elixirs

Flower Essences & Gem Elixirs from Ancient Earth have been created specifically to bring back the Ancient Ways of Healing to an Ailing World

Flower Essences and Gem Elixirs have been used for thousands of years with amazing results. Flower essences & gem elixirs are called vibrational medicine. Vibrational medicine is gaining much ground in the world of healing today. People around the world are beginning to search for a better and safer way to regain their emotional health and happiness.  The best part of Vibrational Medicine when using the Flower Essences and Gem Elixirs is “THERE ARE NO SIDE EFFECTS”. They can be safely taken with any medications (pharmaceuticals) or healing modalities. Flower Essences and Gem Elixirs can be safely given to adults, children and pets of any type to regain balance and wellbeing.
ncient Earth Flower Essences & Gem Elixirs contain: spring water, vibrational infusion of the flower or gem and channeled Reiki.
alcohol or glycerin (for preservative)

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 It is not recommended that these remedies replace medical attention or prescription medications. Homoepathic remedies can be used in conjunction with prescription medications with no harmful effects.   These products have not been FDA approved.
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